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New showroom

The new FLUX LIGHTING showroom is ready!

Our street luminaire ranges are now highlighted. During your visit, you will be able to visualize the product dimensions, photometries and the different colour temperatures proposed. All of our lanterns and bollards are exhibited.

Each luminaire can be controlled by a mobile phone application. The luminaires of the showroom have been coated with RAL 7015.



2200 K, 2700 K & 3000 K are the colour temperatures we use. We have designed our products so there’s no light pollution.

EASY configuration!

The ODO, EVO & KAA ranges use the COB technology. They are presented with different fixings: for example, from left to right, ODO with Curve bracket, ODO with Square bracket and ODO with double fixing on top of the pole.

The photometry used for ODO, EVO and KAA is the STREET proprietary optic.

EVO can be installed at the top of the pole with a long bracket or on the middle of the pole. This applies for ODO and KAA as well.


XTO & LINEO ranges

XTO and LINEO street luminaires use the FastFlex technology. Here, their colour temperature is 3000K. The photometry used is STREET. For XTO catenary, the photometry is PARK.

In the showroom, LINEO is exhibited on top of the pole single & double version. On the FLUX LIGHTING website, you can find the middle of the pole version.





XTO street luminaires can be installed in a variety of ways. We can see that the XTO catenary are fixed on a metal rope, on top of the pole or suspended by a bracket.



Our bollards, LINEO, ODO and LINEO NANO are located at the entrance of the company so you can visualize the dimensions and see the rendering of the WALK photometry with LED 3000K.

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