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Saint-Esprit bridge

A true link between the two shores of the Adour river in Bayonne, the Saint-Esprit bridge is highlighted with some new lighting.

Public transport, pedestrians and cars harmoniously share this work of art. The restoration of the road took a few months and made the bridge more accessible.

Some surprising colourimetry possibilities

For the Fêtes de Bayonne, National Day or more events, the POWERFLOOD illuminates the structure of the Saint-Esprit bridge with different shades of colours.

Saint-Esprit bridge, Bayonne (France). Customer: City of Bayonne. Prime contractor: Public lighting department of the city of Bayonne. Installer : COREBA. Control system: Pharos Architectural Controls Ltd. © FLUX

It is an example showing that the POWERFLOOD can also be used to light up architectural projects.



For the Saint-Esprit bridge project in Bayonne, the POWERFLOOD were equipped with visors to obtain the perfect light output.

28 POWERFLOOD 18 230VAC RGBW, 28 POWERFLOOD 18 230VAC warm white 3000K & 28 POWERFLOOD 18 230VAC warmwhite 2700K were installed.


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