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Zhaga components


Zhaga is a worldwide lighting industry organization that standardizes the components of LED luminaires ( e.g.: C.O.B “Chip On Board” ). This simplifies the design and manufacture of luminaires and accelerates the adoption of LED lighting solutions.


Zhaga COB modules are non-proprietary. Everyone is free to buy COBs from several suppliers.

  • Standardized components, compatible and interchangeable with those of other suppliers.
  • Ability to track changes, improved generation: diminished risk of obsolescence.
  • Easy comparison of certain characteristics, dimensions are standardized.
  • Lower development costs for luminaires meaning lower prices.


Maximum authorized light outputs with Zhaga components

  • For the luminaires 2200K & 2700K : Maximum light output at 7000 lm
  • For the luminaires 3000K & 4000K : Maximum light output at 8000 lm

Zhaga Book 18 / Driver D4i / DALI-2 bus

  • Zhaga Book 18 : The connector can receive and transmit a great amount of data.
  • Driver Zhaga-D4i : All FLUX street luminaires are equipped with a Zhaga-D4i driver when there are Zhaga connector. A easy solution that makes it possible to add a sensor or wireless communication modules to the luminaires.
  • DALI-2 bus : A bidirectional interaction is enabled between the sensor and/or communication module and the driver.


Zhaga Book 18 position

For ODO, EVO, KAA, EVO MINI & LINEO, the Zhaga Book 18 connector can be placed on the top, at the bottom of the luminaire or both. For XTO, Zhaga Book 18 connector may only be placed at the bottom.

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