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City hall

Illumination of city hall of Villeurbanne

Modern, cost-effective lighting that comes to life and adapts depending on the occasion. The setting of the City Hall must reflect its hierarchical position and underline its administrative function. Therefore the illumination is architectural, in a way that highlights the architecture of the building and glorifies the volumes and details. The lighting is a play of shadow and light between the spaces of the facade and its pillars. The main objective is to elevate this massive structure. To do so, the vertical lines of the pillars and the belfry are highlighted and draw attention to the top, thus giving depth to the building as a whole.

  • City
    Villeurbanne, France
  • Prime contractor
    City of Villeurbanne
  • Lighting design & prime contractor
    L’ITEC Lumière
  • Installer
  • Photographer
    © FLUX



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