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“Porte des Alpes” shopping centre

Lighting up the facade of the Porte des Alpes shopping in Saint-Priest.

The shopping centre Porte des Alpes, near Lyon, is adorned with LED linear fittings X-LINE³ placed behind large coloured panels.
The colours spread a warm and nice atmosphere, with different shades from steel blue to orange, between dawn and dusk, reminiscent of the snowy mountains in the background.
The smooth change of intensity of light brings a dynamic and visual stimulation for those coming and going from the shopping centre.

  • City
    Saint-Priest, France
  • Architect
  • Lighting design
    L’ITEC Lumière
  • Design office
    EGIS Lyon
  • Photographer
    © FLUX

354 X-Line³ DMX Connect System give rhythm to the lighting of Porte des Alpes shopping mall facade in Saint-Priest.


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